Scala, Six Months In

5 mins

After switching jobs, I was introduced to Scala at my new workplace. I’ve compiled a list of things that I have learned until now. I’ve kept the comparisons to the languages themselves, instead of functionality that can be provided by libraries.

The in keyword of Python explained

6 mins

When learning Python, one of the first things we do with lists, dictionaries and other iterators1 is something like the following:

(All examples are in Python 3.6.6)

for i in mylist:

This loops through each element in mylist and calls the do_something function on it.

  1. iterator 

Initial Commit

2 mins

Finally - a use for my personal domain name bought since - wow, 2010 but never used.

Potential topics I may or may not cover here:

… depending on what I feel like.